Drumstick Pencils


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Drumstick Pencils

Drumstick Pencils obviously come in a set of two and act as a great tension relief Drumstick-Pencils-Packmechanism the next time you get struck with writers block!

If you or someone you know is a want to be rockstar this is the perfect low cost gift.

So write away and drum to your hearts content when the moment takes you with these multi-purpose pencils.

No doubt the drumstick pencils are much more fun than the ones with the eraser on top but if your giving them to the kids don't blame us if the school teacher kicks up!

What are Drumstick Pencils Made of?

Species-Tilia americana. Genus-Tilia. A soft wood, with little grain that is a popular wood for making intricate models and musical instruments.

See the Drumstick Pencils in Action

Dimensions of the Drumstick Pencils

220mm Length

10mm Width

10mm Depth







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