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Commercial Far Infrared Heating Panels

These commercial far infrared heating panels are specifically designed for rooms with high ceilings (3 to 4 Meters from floor)

Known as the S25 Model this industrial radiant heating panel is designed to save up to 70% on oil or traditional electric heating and up to 35% on gas heating bills.

Each panel will effectively heat an area of up to 170 cubic meters (30 square meters) and is ideally suited for industrial units, community centres, churches, offices etc)

The slim design panels are controlled with a wireless thermostat and each panel can be attached directly to the ceiling or alternatively hung downwards with an extended light chain in order to have a more direct impact on the room.

Commerical Far Infared Heating Panel Specifications

Panel Size 1200x300x50mm

2500 Watt

Power 220/230 Volt

Surface Temperature 335 Degrees Celsius

Suitable area to heat Up to 170m³ (30 square meters)

Warranty 5 Years

Weight 8.4Kg

Life Span 10 Years

Back insulated Yes

Efficiency 97.1

Hourly Running Cost €0.38 per hour approximately (based on paying a cost 0.15 cent per unit for electricity)

Price quoted below is inclusive of VAT.

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