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Wind Driven Chimney Cowl - Smartdraught

Another product from the Irish IQ Design range the smartdraught is designed to prevent down draughts entering your home through your chimney and to promote positive upwards.

Like a Chimney Cap it will also prevent bird entry and nesting and prevent rain or hail entering your home through the chimney.

This wind driven chimney cowl is easy to install using the included detailed installation instructions.

It will help you to overcome a smoky fireplace and can be used on any building as a wind driven ventilation aid.

Made from a corrosion proof stainless steel with a lovely terracotta finish the smart draught will fit most conventional chimney pots.

Three securing brackets and braces are included in the box.

Smart draught Wind Driven Chimney Cowl Colours

Up to the 2015 winter season the Smart draught was only available to buy in terracotta but it is now available in four different colours.

Terracotta Finish

Stainless Steel Finish

Cream Finish

Black Finish



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