Bamboo Cleaning Towels


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Ecoegg Bamboo Towels

These great reusable Bamboo towels are designed to replace traditional kitchen paper and will save you money and be kind to the environment by reducing landfill.

Bamboo is one of the strongest and most absorbent natural sources and wet or dry these towels are great for drying, dusting, wiping, cleaning or dealing with spills or messes.


Ecoegg Bamboo Towels Versus Standard Kitchen Paper

- Bamboo towels 10 times more absorbent than kitchen paper so can soak up spillages much more easily and effectively.

- Bamboo towels can be washed after use and reused an average of 85 times per sheet. With 20 sheets per roll this means one roll will help you clean up about 1700 times.

- Bamboo towels never scratch or leave any lint or residue.

- Bamboo towels are made from a certified sustainable organic bamboo source

See Bamboo Towels Demonstation Video

Using your Bamboo Towels

1: Tear a perforated sheet from the roll of 20 and use for cleaning, dusting, wiping etc.

2: Use until you feel the sheet requires washing then add to washing load in washing machine.

3: The Bamboo towels are machine washable up to 60 degrees and each towel can be washed up to 85 times.


4: It is recommended not to use a fabric softener and not to iron. You can however bleach towels if you wish.

After a few washes you will notice the towels will become softer and even more absorbent.