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Neocal Performance Anti-Limescale Device

The Neocal Performance from Electrolux is designed to help prevent limescale and prolong the life of your electrical appliances.

Suitable to use with both dishwashers and clothes washing machines the Neocal also helps to reduce the need for chemical descalers.

As a result of using the Anti-Limescale Device you should notice a softer touch for your laundry and a brilliant clean for your crockery.

It will last for at least 5 years before the need to replace.

How the Anti Limescale Device Works?

The Neocal Performance has permanent Neodymium magnets that create a magnetic field which breaks down calcium crystals into a harmless mineral called aragonite which is easily dispersed in the discharged water.

How to Install the Anti Limescale Device? fitting-anti-limescale-device

Screw the Neocal directly on to the tap and attach the inlet hose of washing machine or dish washer in accordance with the appliance manufacturer's guidelines.

Ensure there is no leakage before using appliance.

Anti Limescale Device Technical Details

Body Brass 58, polished and chromium plated
Seal Standard O-rings certif. DVGW (DIN EN 549)
Core Neodymium (14,000 Gauss) permanent magnets lined with food colourless neutral polyethylene




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