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Neudorff Refillable Ant Bait Station

This Ant Bait Station pack from Neudorff comes with 2 stations and 20ml of bait (enough for 5 fillings.

It will provide rapid and long lasting ant control within 1 to 2 days killing the entire ant nest.

The bait is made  from an natural active ingredient (insecticide) and is designed to control ants in living and sleeping quaters, outside the home on balconies, patios and terraces.

The bait station approved by the Organic Farmers and Growers and is entirely made from renewable resources designed for repeat usage to reduce the quantity of waste produced by the product.

How Bait Stations Work

The bait solution is taken by the worker ants of the ant colony into the ant nest. There, by feeding the bait to other worker ants, larvae and the queen ant the entire population is exterminated. If the nest is very large and has branches leading off it it may take several weeks until control is effective. Once under control the stations should be cleaned with a damp cloth and placed in a different location if and when necessary.

How to Use Ant Bait Station

Pour approximately 4ml of undiluted liquid bait (20% of bottle) into each station. Place one neudorff-ant-bait-stationbait station close to ant nests or directly on an ant trail. Where possible do not place bait station in direct sunlight as this will cause the bait solution to dry out more quickly and reduce the effective lifespan of the bait. If the blue bait solution begins to fade after application it is an indication that the station has not been placed in the ideal location.

As soon as the bait solution has been used up in the bait station it should be refilled again. Use a maximum of 4 times over the course of 14 days.


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