Preventing Draughts in the Home

How to Insulate Against Draughts in Your Home

Is fixing cold draughts in your home a monkey you need to get off your back this winter?

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Below we look at areas of the home where draughts can be a particular problems.

Follow some of the tips outlined to ensure your home is cosy and energy efficient this winter. You can then say “Check-Mate” to draughts in your home.

1: How to identify where the draught problems exist?

Smoke-Pencil-ProSometimes it can be difficult to identify where exactly the draught problems exist in a room. You take steps which you think will rectify the problem but the room is still freezing and its costing you a fortunate to heat it so that you can have a little comfort.

A smoke pencil kit helps you to accurately identify where heat loss is occurring in a room and allows you to easily identify areas which require insulation so you can save energy.

2: Draught Proofing your Windows

draught-excluder-adhesive-stripAny gaps on window seals need to be filled in properly and will make a huge difference to your room and also help reduce dust levels. Choose between Self Adhesive Rubber Draught Excluder Strips or Self Adhesive Foam Draught Excluders to solve this issue

For less than 5 Euro per window you can also add secondary insulation which will provide significantly better heat retention in a room with Window Secondary Glazing Film

Here is a great video on how to install this product.

3: Draught Proofing your Doors

Like with the windows the Rubber Draught Excluder Strips and Foam Draught Excluders should make a huge difference for sealing gaps around edges of door fittings it should also help reduce noise levels when doors are closed.

how-to-fit-exitex-underdoor-foam-draught-excluderFor doors in rooms with a solid underfloor surface installing a foam underdoor draught excluder should also make a significant difference. If the under surface is carpet brush strips are a better option. Self adhesive rubber door seals are also a clever option and very easy to install.

Draughts through the letterbox of front doors can also be a huge issue in some households. Letterbox brush draught excluders with an internal flap are a great solution to this issue.

The magnificently designed Magflaps are also a very clever product. The magnetic finish ensuring the flap does not open and close when the weather is windy or stormy.

4: Draught Proofing your Chimney

If the fireplace in your room is not in use at all or rarely used you will probably lose heat up the chimney and have cold draughts entering your room through your fireplace.

chimney-balloonInstalling a chimney balloon will completely eliminate this issue and is one of the most popular products with customers.

If you use your fireplace then consider installing a Smartcap to prevent rain, hail, birds from entering your chimney or install a  H Cowl to eliminate down draughts and updraughts and prevent a smoky fireplace.

5: Draught Proofing your Attic

Installing-Sheep-Wool-InsulationThe Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland recommend 300mm of insulation in your attic. 100% Sheep wool insulation is made from pure wool fibres which ensures a superior thermal performance over glass or mineral wool products. As it is made from a fully breathable material it is also a more healthy option.

Available in comfort rolls for attic joist insulation and also a premium option normally used for internal and external wall insulation.

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