Meet the newest members of the Trolley Dolly Family

 Trolley Dolly Family Welcomes Three New Additions

The trolley dolly shopping bag family are celebrating three new arrivals to complement the existing 7 family members.

The trolley dolly is a fantastic eco shopping accessory allowing you to go grocery shopping week in and week out without needing to buy one plastic bag.

The latest models include a new box bag and bottle bag to go with the normal reusable nylon bags and net bags.

The newest additions will arrive in Ireland on December 8th and in plenty of time to ship this wonderful christmas gift idea to you.

So say goodbye plastic bags and a big hello to

Cow Trolley Dolly
Disco Dot Black Cream Trolley Dolly
Floral Black Cream Trolley Dolly







To find out more or to order one of these or the 7 other different styled trolley dollies go to the trolley dolly shopping page here

Oh and don’t forget their brother the messenger bag and of course the little ones the 5 bagz and the 3 bagz

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