Installing Solar Garden Spot Light

Installation Guide Solar Garden Spot Light

The first time you use your solar garden spot light it needs to charge in full daylight for 2 to 3 days with the switch in the off position.

How to Assemble Solar Garden Spot LightTrento-Solar-Garden-Spotlight

Attach lamp housing (A) to ground spike (D) using parts (B) & (C) by inserting screw (B) into the hole on the lamp housing (A). Insert nut (C) into the hole on ground spike (D).

Align the holes on lamp housing and ground spike then tighten screw (B) until secure. To adjust the lamp head, loosen screw (B) and position the lamp head.

When the desired position is achieved, tighten screw (B) until secure. To adjust the solar panel, loosen the wing nut and position the panel. When the desired position is achieved, tighten wing nut until secure.

Carefully insert ground spike into the ground where desired. Push the stake into the ground until the top collar is even with the ground surface.

Note: If the ground is hard and packed moisten the ground with water before inserting the stake to avoid breakage

Note: Some parts may come pre-assembled.

Replacing Batteries on Solar Garden Spot Light

Slide the power switch to the “OFF” position.

Remove the four screws from the top section using a phillips head screwdriver.

Remove old batteries and replace with new Ni-Mh 1000 mAh AA rechargeable batteries.

Replace top section securing in place with the four screws.

Slide the power switch to the “ON” position.

For optimum performance, allow batteries to charge in full sunlight.

If lamp does not light, remove batteries, wipe both ends with a clean, dry cloth and replace batteries.

Check the batteries to ensure that they are making secure contact with the terminals.

If the light does not turn on after charging, make sure the slide switch is in the “ON” position.


Do not dispose of Ni-Mh batteries in the rubish or similar, as batteries may leak or explode.

Do not open, short circuit, or mutilate batteries as injury may occur.

Preserve our environment by recycling Ni-Mh batteries or disposing of them in accordance with local council.

Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (Carbon-Zinc), or rechargeable (Nickel Cadmium) batteries.

Solar Garden Spotlight Warranty

This product comes a 24 month warranty, excluding the batteries.

Should a failure occur during the manufacturer will repair or replace any faulty parts, at its discretion.


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