Why you need an inflation tube for your chimney balloon?

Installing a Chimney Balloon is nearly impossible without an inflation tube

If you want to install a chimney you probably will need an inflation tube.

As the cold weather approaches many of you will be looking to take steps to keep your homes warmer. After the summer we had in Ireland maybe we should have been doing this months ago! Anyway one way to do this is to install a chimney balloon in the flue of unused or rarely used fireplaces.

It has come to my attention that some of the retail stores and online retailers are either not including inflations tubes at all or you got to buy them separately from the balloon. Indeed I’ve been contacted by a number of customers recently who just wanted an inflation tube because this matter was never explained to them when they initially bought their chimney balloon.

So why is it almost completely and utterly necessary to have an inflation tube when installing your chimney balloon?

Well the chimney balloon is installed in the flue of your chimney which is generally about 2 foot up from your fireplace. When installing you got to put the balloon in place before inflating. With most chimneys this feat is practically impossible because the fireplace is simply too narrow to access.

With an inflation tube you avoid the need to actually place your head up the fireplace to inflate the balloon. Instead simply attach the tube to the  balloon, blow into the inflation tube at the face of the fireplace until the balloon expands to the diameter of the flue area and the balloon is fully secured. Then simply turn the catch on the balloon to lock in the air.

At purchase.ie we actually recommend that you leave the inflation tube attached to the balloon and hanging down into the fireplace after installation as this acts as a useful reminder than a chimney balloon has been installed. You don’t want anyone lighting a fire when its up there! It will also make life much easier for you whenever you want to take the chimney balloon down.

Watch a short video about installing a chimney balloon below.

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