How to use indoor composter

How to use your Urban Composter Kit Fill-Indoor-Composter

The Urban Composter is a super indoor solution for recycling food waste and is very easy to use. Here is a step by step guide.

1: Place your composter bucket in your kitchen or alternatively in other easy to reach locations such as the garage or on your balcony.

2: Lift lid of Urban composter and add your food pealing and scraps.(You can even use Compost-Accelerator-Spraymeat or fish).

3: Spray on some of the composter scrap and the fermenting process will begin.

4: After a few days you can use tap to release and drain liquid from the bucket. Draining-Composter

5: Dilute this liquid with water and add to your plants as a great home-made organic fertiliser.

6: When the bucket is full, simply drain any remaining liquid and dig the food residue into some soil in the garden

7: Leave food residue to settle for 5-7 weeks and it will turn to compost How-to-mix-compost

8: After this time period the compost will then be ready to spread on the garden, top dress your lawn or add to your plant pots for great results.

9: Use your natural citrus composter cleaner on the bucket and reuse to recycle more food waste.

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