Cavan Online Shoppers of Year 2015

Cavan Climb to Top of County Online Shopper Table

I once heard someone tell a story about a pub owned by a Cavan man. He went into the bar one day and the Cavan man was scraping the paper off the walls. “Redecorating I see” he says to which the Cavan man replied “not redecorating at all I’m moving out“.

Particularly through the aid of stories by Irish comedian Neil Tobin, Cavan people have a reputation for being tight with money however in 2015 they topped the poll when it came to  buying online from

Based on this perhaps the myth about Cavan people is unfair or it could simply be an indication that the reputation for providing a wide range of products to help people reduce bills and save money is finally getting the recognition it deserves among Cavan folk.

The ranking is calculated based on the percentage of overall Irish transactions on the website during the year (Cavan 2.33%) divided by the percentage of the overall population in Ireland living in that particular part of the country (Cavan 1.59%).

Based on this Cavan achieved a score of 1.47 in total beating Westmeath into second place (1.39) and the home of Co Kerry in third (1.34)

A score of 1 would be deemed average based on this calculation so anything greater than 1 is above average and any county below 1 is deemed below average.

Cavan reaching top position marks a remarkable rise for the county. Based on 2013 it finished 25th of the 26th counties in the Republic of Ireland although it did rise to 18th in the 2014 table.

Close neighbours to Cavan, Longford however remain firmly rooted to the bottom of of the online sales table for the third year in a row scoring 0.48. Offaly fell from 23rd to joint bottom this year also with a score of 0.48. Carlow (17th in 2014) complete the bottom three with a score of 0.55

Below is a full list of counties.

1: Cavan 1.465

2: Westmeath 1.39

3: Kerry 1.34

4: Wicklow 1.32

5: Wexford 1.28

6: Letrim 1.256

7: Galway 1.21

8: Clare 1.17

9: Dublin 1.11

10: Mayo 1.07

11: Kildare 1.05

12: Tipperary 1.01

13: Waterford 0.967

14: Meath 0.965

15: Limerick 0.909

16: Roscommon 0.907

17: Sligo 0.84

18: Louth 0.82

19: Laois 0.795

20: Donegal 0.77

21: Monaghan 0.757

22: Kilkenny 0.74

23: Cork 0.613

24: Carlow 0.55

25: Offaly 0.48

26: Longford 0.48

Customers from over 20 different countries ordered directly through the website in 2015 with the United Kingdom accounting for 37% of the overall international transactions followed by the United States (7.9%) and The Netherlands (5.6%)

Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Canada also showed strongly in intermational sales.




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