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Celebrate the 12  days of Christmas with 12 Great Irish Products

As we continue the road to economic recovery it is well worth considering adding practical Irish products to your Christmas gift list this year. These great ideas can make wonderful gifts for you loved ones and might help them save money in the process. So why not celebrate the 12 days of Christmas this year with 12 Irish made or designed products.

1: The Radbooster Radiator Reflector Panels were invented by Kevin Brophy from Co Waterford. The panels will help you to heat your room 35% faster by reflecting heat back into the room which would normally be lost through the wall. Friends and family will thank you for helping them reduce their energy bill and save money.

2: Tony O’ Brien from Co Cork is the innovator behind two great products to address freezing weather conditions. The Stopcock Cosy insulates your water supply and helps to prevent you losing your supply during freezing weather conditions.

3: O’Brien’s second invention is the Attic Cosy Kit  which provides insulation for attic pipes. A great present for those that spend time away from home or those with a second home as it will give them peace of mind whilst away that they won’t arrive back to a flooded home due to freezing pipes bursting.

4: Another Co Cork native is Michael Hanly, inventor of the Tanklok. With oil prices at record high levels the Tanklok secures the oil supply against the growing risk of theft.

5: Sheep Wool Insulation rolls is another great Irish designed product to insulate or top up existing insulation in your attic. Made of 100% Sheep wool this product is effective in even the harshest of climate. You will have to measure the square meters required when the receiver of your gift is out. You can always go a step further and install it for them!

6: A side product of the Sheep Wool Rolls is the Sheep Wool Cylinder Jacket. Its a bit more pricey than your traditional cylinder jacket but it prevents fibre glass particles from settling on your clothes, towels and sheets and causing damage.

7: Another side product of the sheep wool insulation is sheep wool slippers. Great gift for those that appreciate a cosy night in or those that you would like to encourage to do it a little more often.

8: The Kelly Kettle is a great gift idea for the outdoors type. Invented by the Kelly family from Co Mayo the Kelly Kettle Kit is effectively an outdoor oven which allows you to cook food as well as boil hot water for a cuppa.

9: Daniel Friel a Donegal native now residing in Australia came up with the idea of a solar powered address number lighting system after encountering a lot of frustration locating clients homes and business addresses after dark. This simple lighting devices requires no mains connection and is visible daytime or at night from 30 meters away. A favourite with emergency services, taxi-drivers and pizza delivery personnel in particular.

10: If you have seen family members or friends standing in their wheelie bin to make more room for an extra bag of rubbish then the Bintrasher is the perfect gift for this person. Other than looking pretty silly to the neighbours standing in your wheelie bin can also be quite dangerous. The bintrasher compresses the waste in your bin allowing you to get 40% more into it. Sure to be particularly useful in a busy household at christmas.

11: Co Clare native Flan Marsh came up with the idea of a Shatter Safe Hurley to help prevent injuries arising from the flying fragments of a hurley after it has broken. Handcrafted and made of Ash the Shatter Safe Hurley is 35% stronger than a conventional hurl and less likely to break during a clash of the ash collision.

12: Pamper your loved one with these unique Natural Soap gift-sets made in Co Donegal. Contains 4 different scented soaps, 2 luxurious bath bombs and 2 fizzy bath melts.


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