Eco Oven Cleaner


Replaced by Eco Oven Cleaning Gel

Eco Oven Cleaner and Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Replaced by Eco Oven Cleaning Gel Available here

This eco award winning biodegradable oven and multi-purpose cleaner from Ecozone is 100% preservative free and has no added phosphates.

This eco cleaner comes in as 300ml hard paste jar with a specially designed sponge in the lid and will last you a long time before you got to order again.

Carrying the EU Ecolabel standard this wonderful multi-purpose cleaner removes dirt, EU-Ecolabelgrease or oil from any surface including brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome and silverware and is great to use on tiles, mirrors, windows or shower screens.

Having completed a vigorous OECD test it was found that the Ecozone Mult-Purpose cleaner is completely safe to use with septic tanks.

How to Use the Eco All Purpose Cleaner?

1. Unscrew jar and remove sponge from under the lid.

2: Dampen the sponge and wipe it over the dry paste.

3. Apply paste to the area you wish to clean in a circular motion.

4. Rinse and wipe dry and the area should be spotless!

What is the Eco Oven and Multi-Purpose Cleaner Made from?

D-glycopyranoside, decyl, laureth-7, alkylcarboxylic acid, silica, alumina, propylene glycol, sodium carbonate.

It is NOT recommended to use this product for gold plate and car paint work.



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