Snow Grips



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Overshoe Snow and Ice Grips

These blackspur ice grips will fit easily over any shoe or boot for dependable traction on several outdoor winter surfaces including snow, ice & mud.

Great for use outdoors when carrying out a variety of winter activities these snow grips easily fit over any footwear.

Snow Grips Fitting Instructions

With spikes safely facing the floor position the Ice Grips over the front of your shoe.

It does not necessarily have to go over the top of your toe, just around the front part of your shoe.

Holding the two heel straps, stretch the ice grips around the heel of your shoe.

Pull the sides of the Ice Grips up while straightening the cleats, positioning them under the heel and forefoot of your shoe.

Snow and Ice Grips Caution

The snow and ice grips will improve traction on several outdoor winter surfaces including snow, ice, mud and rock. For the users safety they should not be used when driving, climbing ladders, rock climbing or when indoors.

Extreme caution should be used on any hard or polished surface such as steel, ceramics or polished granite.

Ice grips cannot prevent all slips and falls. Always use caution when walking on slippery surfaces.

The manufacturer accepts no liability for any injury sustained or damage caused to property while wearing the Snow and Ice grips.