Smart Wifi Outdoor Colour Changing LED Tape Kit



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Smart Wifi Outdoor Colour Changing LED Tape Kit


This great outdoor decorative lighting product comes with 5-meter IP65 RGB+CCT LED Tape (6000K to 2700K), 6A Plug and Play Power Supply and Wi-Fi Controller. Change colors on your LED Tape from RGB to cool white to day light to warm white, Dim lights, group more than kit under 1 scene, etc.

Smart Wifi Outdoor Colour Changing LED Tape Kit features

1. Unlimited Distance Control: Link the controller to your strip lights and connect Wi-Fi through the free ENERJSMART App. No matter where you are, you can control your LED strips light turn off or on with your smartphone (IOS & Android).

2. Dynamic Gradient Brightness & Colours: The controller can change the three basic colours to 16 million and dimming LED strip light from 100% to 1% with our App,regulating in a wide range and helping you elevate your

3. DIY Favourite Flashing: The controller can make the strip light up continuously also can flicker. You can edit your favourite flashing speed and flashing colour combination at scene mode. Different flashing correspond to different scenes and moods.

4. Works with Alexa: You can control each Wi-Fi controller individually, or together as a group with our APP and then use Amazon Alexa for voice control

Smart Wifi Outdoor Colour Changing LED Tape Kit specifications 

Strip Lights 30 x 5050 RGB = 30 x 2835 WW + 30 x 2835CW
Length 5 meters /16.4 feet
LED Quality 450 leds/reel
Colour RGB + warm White + Cool White
Lumen 240lm/m
Power 4W/Meter
Width 12mm
Work Temperature -10 to 60 degree Celsius
Waterproof level IP65 / IP20 (Controller)
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Google Assistant
Input Voltage 220-240V AC
Output Voltage 12V DC
Plug Type UK Plug
Protection Short Circuit, Overload and Over Voltage
Safety Compliance CE
Working Temperature -10 to 40 degree Celcius
Storage Temperature 20 to 75 defree Celcius
Ambient Humidity 0=95% Non-Condensation
Category LED Constant Pressure Controller (DC)
Control Principle Wi-fi 2.4G
APP type Enerjsmart
Mobile version Android 4.0 / IOS 9.0
LED Drive type Constant Voltage
Channel RGBCW
Input Voltage 12V-24V
Out Current 2A
Connect Method Common Anode