Pop Up Clothes Dryer


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Pop Up Clothes Dryer

If you don't have room in your home for a traditional clothes dryer or you simply don't fancy the energy bills associated with having one this pop up clothes dryer from Kingavon might be for you.

In rainy Ireland we all get tired of waiting for clothes to dry on outdoor clothes lines and if we have very little space at home the last thing we want is indoor clothes hangers taking up space.

This Pop Up Dryer prevents clothes getting damaged, shrinking or getting wrinkled in electric tumble dryer.

Great for one piece clothing emergencies when you have had a last minute spillage.

The gentle blow drying convention technology makes the  pop-up dryer a must for drying hand washed delicates such as silks, wools, suit jackets and leathers it can help you save a fortune in dry cleaning bills.

Great for drying your jacket and outer clothes when you come in from the rain or snow during winter.

Also a great product to bring with you on camping or camper van trips.

When you are finished using the pop up clothes dryer it can be very easily folded up compactly and packed away in a carry bag which is supplied with the product for easy portability.

How The Pop Up Clothes Dryer works?

You put the clothes dryer in a standing position and attach the hot air motor to the base of the dryer.

Insert the supplied 3 metal bars into clothes dryer

Insert the supplied 2 hangers into clothes dryer.

Hang clothes and turn on motor and wait for clothes to dry.

See Video Demo of Very Similar Product to Pop Up Clothes Dryer

The supplied hot air motor (800W) comes  with timer control and when fully charged will work for up to 3 hours.

The Pop Up Clothes dryer itself is manufactued from PP and nylon material.

Assembled Height 90cm x Width 50cm x Diameter 50cm

The Kingavon Pop Up Clothes Dryer is CE Approved