PIR Sensor Light Fitting



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PIR Sensor Fitting (for Screw In E27 Bulbs)

The EcoSavers PIR Sensor Lamp Base is a smart device which can be plugged into any E27 size lampbase and is installed between the lampbase and the light source (bulb).

The PIR sensor notices any motion of human body and will turn on the lamp automatically; the lamp will be switched off after the preset time.

Automatically turns on when somebody is in the room; automatically will turn off when no motion is detected anymore.

An easy and simple energy saving product it even allows you to adjust the brightness the light emits when it comes on, the range the PIR sensor works from and the amount of time the light shines for before it automatically turns off again.

See Ecosavers PIR Sensor Product Video

PIR Sensor Light Fitting Technical Information

Working voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Max Power: Incandescent Bulb 60 Watt
Max Power: Energy Saving Bulb 20 Watt
Light Fitting Normal Screw In (E27)
Standby Power 0.8 Watt
Dimension 12 x 5,5 x 5,5 cm