Microwave Light Sensor



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Microwave Light Sensor (Screw In E27 Fitting)

The EcoSavers Microwave Lampbase E27 is a clever device which uses microwave to detect movements.

This product switches on the light in dark conditions – due to the integrated daylight sensor – when the microwave detects movements. This works not only through lampshades but even  through walls.

Duration of switch off time is adjustable between 15 seconds and 5 minutes.

Sensibility of microwave sensor is adjustable.

Detection range radius 3 – 7 metre.

Microwave Light Sensor Technichal Information

Power AC 220-240V/50Hz
Max Power: Incandescent Bulb 60W
Max Power: Energy Saving Bulb 20W
Standby Power 0.6W
Detection range 360 Degrees
Detection distance 3-7 meters
Adjustable duration Min 15 seconds / Max 5 minutes
Installing height 2 – 3.5 meters
HF System 2.8HGz
Product Size 68 x 68 x 108mm