Solar Robot Toy Set



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14 In 1 Solar Robot Toy Set

Designed by Powerplus and also known as the Rabbit this great educational toy allows you create 14 different types of robotic solar model toys.

Suitable for children of 10 years of age and upwards the solar robot toy set comes with an 84 page user manual which gives detailed instructions in many languages and excellent diagrams to help you build each model.

Each model will move through the aid of natural daylight.

Solar Robot Models

The 14 robot models you can build with the contains of this toy set are as follows

1: Wheel bot

The Wheel Bot

2: Surf bot

3: Boat bot

4: Turtle bot

5: Row bot

6: Walker bot

7: Boxer bot

8: Beetle bot

9: Auto bot

10: Crab bot

11: Quadru bot

12: Roller bot

13: Slither bot

14: Dog bot

Contents many small parts so needs to be kept out of reach from small three as it could be a choking hazard.



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