Eco Pet Bowl


No longer available

Eco Pet Bowl

Now even the cats and dogs can go green with the Eco Pet Bowl. Made from 100% post consumer milk bottle tops the Eco Pet Bowl is great for cats, small dogs and other animals.

Stylish and comtemporary the Eco Pet Bowl has a recycling logo embossed on the face of the bowl and carries the tagline "Made from recycled bottle tops" around the bowls outer edging.

Eco-Pet-BowlMade in Devon in the UK these triangular shaped bowls are 17cm x 5cm in size and are virtually indestructible.

The manufacturing of the Eco Pet Bowls is helping to preventing thousands of tonnes of plastic going to landfill each year and is going  someway towards helping protect marine wildlife against the harm caused by dumped plastic materials.

So get your Eco Pet Bowl and even the the pets involved in a more sustainable way of living!