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Chop Cloc - Reduce Heating Bills

Chop Cloc is a new type of heating control which works alongside your existing heating timer and helps you to reduce the amount of energy your heating system consumes.

The Chop Cloc can be used on almost any water based heating systems and it is easy to have an electrician fit it to your existing heating system. What's more it will not in effect your existing water heating system in any way.

It has a number of features to help you maximise how much you can save on your heating and is easy and simple to use.

How Does The Chop Cloc Work?

When you turn on your heating through your timer or by manually switching it on the Chop Cloc recognises this within ten seconds. The setting dial on the chop cloc glows bright and then goes dim.

The Chop Cloc allows the central heating system to heat the house thoroughly. This is called the warm start period and can be adjusted through a warm start switch on the chop cloc which has three time settings zero, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

The 90 minute setting might be used if it is extremely cold outside or if it is a large house you are trying to heat.

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After the warm start period the chop-cloc will enter chopping mode and help you save money.

On the setting dial on the face of the chop cloc you can set the device to go into standby mode and switch off the heating for anything from 15 minutes to 45 minutes per hour.

So for example if you set the warm start period to commence at 6pm for 60 minutes and you set the setting dial to 25 minutes the heating will run continously from 6pm-7-pm but for only 35 minutes between 7pm and 8pm.

The indicator light on the chop cloc tells you what it is doing. When it is green it is chopping. When orange it is heating your home.

It is recommended that when you initially set up the chop cloc that you turn the dial to 30 minutes. If you don't notice a drop in warmth in the home you can adjust it upwards to 35 minutes or more.

If you are feeling cold with the 30 minutes setting adjust it downwards to 25 minutes or less.

Its really all about getting the balance right whilst not having your heating on for as long everyday.

What Kind Of Savings Can You Achieve with the Chop Cloc?

In testing carried out through the Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology users saved an average of 16% on their energy bill after having the Chop Cloc installed. This essentially means that the Chop Cloc will more than pay for itself within one 12 month period.

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It is important to use a qualified electrican when installing the chop cloc. Installation work should take less than one hour.

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