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Ecobeta Water Saving Toilet Device

With water charges now introduced in Ireland toilets is certainly an area where people can save a significant amount of money. International studies suggest that flushing toilets accounts for 30 percent of the overall water usage in a home every day.

If you have older toilet cisterns you could be using 12 litres of water every time you flush the toilet which equates to 6 cent per flush (12 x 0.00488). Even if it is a modern 6 litre toilet cistern it will work out at 3 cent per flush.

See our household water charge estimates here. 

The Ecobeta SaverSiphon cleverly converts standard single flush toilets into a dual flush toilet.

Pull down on your toilet lever quickly for a small flush and use just half of the cistern water.

For full flush option simply hold down the lever for 2 seconds.

Features and Benefits of the Ecobeta Toilet Water Saver

- Allows you to convert your existing single flush toilet to a dual flushing toilet ecobeta-dual-flush-converter

- Easy 5 minute installation process. No plumber required (see demonstration video below)

- When installed will save from 30% to 50% of the overall water used per household per toilet.

- Easy to use and no maintenance required.

- Flush levels are adjustable as required.

- Quick return on investment. Can save a household of 5 over €160 per annum based on Irish Water charges. (see chart below)

Watch Ecobeta SiphonSaver Installation Video 

What can the Ecobeta SaverSiphon save per person based on Irish Water figures? 

We estimate that people flush a toilet about 8 times a day but only 5 times a day when at home.

Below we take the Irish water charges of 4.88 Euro per 1,000 litres and conservatively estimate that installing the Ecobeta will help you use 30% less water.

Toilet Flush Capacity Flush per day while at home per person Total Litres Water Used normal toilet (5 times per day) Litres saved with Ecobeta (30% savings) Total Saving Per Person  per annum (Irish Water Prices)
6 Litre 5 per day 30l per person 9l per person €16.03 per person *
9 Litre 5 per day 45l per person 13.5l per person €24.05 per person *
12 Litre 5 per day 60l per person 18l per person €32.06 per person *

* Calculations are based by multiplying number of litres used by 0.00488 (cost per litre of Irish Water) by 365 (days in year)

Based on the above savings over 160 Euro per annum are possible in a household of 5 people.




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  1. I bought two EcoBeta siphons and fitted them to my ensuite and downstairs toilet. The reduction in water used during the flush is great. With the EcoBeta placed as high as possible, and letting go of the flush quickly, the level in the cistern drops by only a few centimetres (equivalent to three or four litres in my estimation, as compared to ten or twelve in a full flush). I fully intend to fit a third to the last toilet in the house.

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