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Ecozone Pro-Active Sports Wash Laundry Liquid

This new natural formulation  from Ecozone effectively tackles typical sports stains such as grass, dirt, blood, sweat and clay.

It contains Zinc Ricinileate which is an active ingredient that eliminates odours during activity so bad smells can be removed effectively even at low wash temperatures.

The Pro-Active Sports Wash Liquid is suitable is for use on functional textiles like Gore-Tex, outdoor textiles and mixed textiles.

The light blue liquid comes in a 750ml bottle which is enough for 16 wash cycles.

The Sports Wash works like a regular liquid and cleans the clothing with surfactants and enzymes from 30-95 degrees but it is very effective against smells of smoke, pets and sweat.

Advantages of Using Sports Wash Laundry Liquid

  • Sports Wash is not based on biocides. This means it does not affect the natural bacteria of the skin.
  • Deo-effect that keeps the clothes fresh longer
  • Re-fresh effect
  • Maintains the membrane-function in the clothing
  • Maintains the special-features of the clothing
  • ”Pro-fresh”-effect

Sports Wash Laundry Liquid Dosage Instructions

Weight of Clothes 2-6kg Light Soil Heavy Soil
Soft Water 45ml 75ml
Medium Water 55ml 95ml
Hard Water 65ml 120ml
Hand Wash 30ml per 10L Soft Water 50ml per 10L Hard Water
Pre-Soak 10ml per 5L

Pro Active Sports Wash Using Guide




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