Magnetic Toilet Lime Descaler


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Magnetic Toilet Limescale Remover

This Ecozone designed product is also known as the Magnoloo and is effectively an anti limescale toilet ring. It comes in a twin pack of two units and allows you to tackle stains and limescale that build up in your toilet without the need to use chemicals.

How the Magnetic Toilet Limescale Remover Works

When you generally flush your toilet calcium carbonate sticks to the side of the toilet creating limescale. When water is treated magnetically it flows freely out of the toilet leaving no build up of limescale stains.

How to Use the Magnoloo Magnetic Limescale Toilet Ring 

1: Drop the Magnoloo into the cistern of your toilet and let it sink to the bottom and settle.

2: Water will circulate through the product and treat the water and prevent the build up of limescale.

In very hard water areas it my be necessary to use two units per cistern to treat the limescale effectively.

As the Magnoloo contains a powerful magnet it is important to keep away from pacemakers, electronic data carriers, televisions, VCR's, DVD's and computers. 





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