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Bottle Sprayer (3 Pack)

The Bottle Sprayer from Ventus comes as part of a 3 pack and is a great accessory for helping you to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them in the bin

The Bottle Sprayer fits the majority of standard plastic bottles including 500ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre and 2 litre bottles from all the major brands.

The sprayer also features a twist-action variable spray head for precise setting of variable width of spray pattern.

Watch Video Demonstration of the Bottle Sprayer

Great for household tasks the bottle sprayer can be used to

Water Plants

Clean Windows

Apply Polish

Moisten clothes during ironing

Apply plant-feed and insecticide

CE and ROHS Certified Customer Review Bottle Sprayer

Mick Loughrey says:

I bought three bottle sprayers a few months ago. They work really well. Just what I needed to mist my tomato plants in my greenhouse.

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  1. Good afternoon Colm did I miss something ? I didn’t catch the connection between the ‘3 pact bottle sprayer’ and the ‘car waxing job’ above.
    Best wishes,G

  2. Bottle Sprayer a super little product Grace. I would certainly consider this an upcycle for plastic bottles use. (Particularly those which used to store fizzy drinks!)

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