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Flue Seal Quick Drying Fire Cement

This quick setting fire cement from IQ Design is an odourless sealing compound which helps to eliminate leaks in fireplaces, stoves and boilers.

Part of the Smartcare range, each pack comes in a 310ml ready mixed tube. This silicate based air drying material can be used as a trowel appliend joint filler where high temperature resistance of up to 1,250 degrees celcius is required.

The Flue Seal fire cement dries hard and acts as a great adhesion for many surfaces.

Where to use the fire cement?

Use for sealing around flues in fireplaces, on central heating systems, solid fuel burners and around pipework. Also great for using when replacing Vermiculite Stove Fire Bricks.

When is Flue Seal Fire Cement Not Suitable to Use? 

The Flue Seal is not for bonding plastics materials particularly where flexing may occur.

Do not use the cement on joints exposed to wet conditions.




Stove Fire Brick

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Stove Glue


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