Solar Desklight



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Designer Solar Desklight

This Solar Desklight is made from a combination of natural bamboo and solar eco charging

Great for attaching paper clips

lighting system.

Designed by Powerplus and also known as the Sphynx the solar light and bamboo part join together to create a very beautiful design desk lamp

The Solar Desklight can be used as a mobile phone holder and it also have an integrated magnet which is great for attaching paper clips, staples or any metal objects.

The light can be fully charged in sunlight within 8 hours and will supply 3 hours of light when fully charged.

Charging the Solar Desklight

The Desklight comes with a suction cup which allows you to easily charge the light behind the window.

1: Connect the suction cup accessory to the solar light part and

Great as a phone holder

ensure that the solar panel will be facing to the day or sunlight.

2: Now place the light with the suction cup holder at the window.

Solar Desklight Technical Details

Battery Rechargeable Litium
3.7V, 400mAh
Solar Panel 3.7V, 70 mA
Full Charge 8 Hours
Lighting time after full charge 3 Hours



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