Foldable Pocket Solar Charger



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Foldable Pocket Solar Charger USB 5V Output

Designed by powerplus this foldable pocket sized solar charged is known as the Fox.foldable-pocket-solar-charger

Unique portable and foldable design the USB output battery is integrated on the reverse side of the powerful double solar panel.

To use you simply face the panel towards direct sunlight and connect your phone or any usb chargable device including power banks to the USB output fitting to charge.

Features and Benefits of Foldable Pocket Solar Charger 

- USB 5V output pocket-mobile-solar-charger

- Charging mobile phone and mobile devices

- Foldable pocket design with velcro closing

- Powerful solar cells 3W for effective 2W output

 See Demo Video of the Foldable Pocket Solar Charger




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