Eton Raptor

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Eton Raptor

If your heading on a camping trip or a long trek or excursion consider the Eton Raptor as the swiss army knife type accessory of the 21st century.

The Eton Raptor is your all in digital clock with alarm, AM/FM radio, led flashlight and mobile phone charger which powers off the solar panel on the face of the unit.

If thats not enough to impress you well there is plenty of more that the Eton Raptor can do. The digital display unit can act as a compass, an alimeter for providing altitude reading, a barometer for measuring temparature and pressure and its even got a bottle opener which might prove a useful accessory if you need to quench your thirst after a long trek.

Your backpack is sure to be lighter when you got an Eton Raptor as this compact device weighs less than 400gms and measures just 203mm (height) x 73mm (length) x 32mm (depth)

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The Eton Raptor will fully charge within 18 hours of daylight however the product can also be charged off of a computer or ac adapter within 4 hours with the included USB cable.

Full List of Feature of the Eton Raptor

• Monocrystal solar panel with solar charge indicator

• Solar powered USB cell phone charger

(5V, 500mA)

• Digital display

• Altimeter (altitude information)

• Barometer (pressure and temperature)

• Compass

• Chronograph

• AM/FM/SW – Digital Tuner

Frequency: 87.5 – 108 MHz FM,

522 – 1620kHz AM, 3.0 – 21.850MHz SW

• 10 AM / 10 FM station presets

• Digital clock w/ alarm

• IPX-4 splash proof

• Audio line input

• DC input with mini-USB plug (5V, 500mA)

• 1800mAh, rechargeable lithium ion battery

• Battery charge indicator

• Bottle opener

• Thin form factor

• Carabiner

• Includes: owner’s manual, warranty card

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