Double Port Solar Charger



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2 Port Solar Charger

This handy portable solar from Powerplus is known as the Camel.  It has a 3W solar cell with an effective output of 2W. This allows you to charge two USB chargeable devices usb at the same time such as mobile phones and power banks with the energy being supplied directly by the sun.

It is supplied with two fitted suction cups which allows you to attach the solar panel to a window and a built in stand at the back of the solar panel.

How to Charge Devices with Double Port Solar Charger

Connect you USB rechargeable devices with one of the two USB out ports using a USB double-port-solar-chargercharging cable of the device you wish to charge.

Place the solar panel at a 90 degree angle towards the sun for the most efficient charging. The built in stand will allow you to easily set the right angle.

The charging indication LEDs show how much energy is generated by the solar cell.

1 LED = around 150 mA

2 LED = around 200 mA

3 LED = around 300 mA

4 LED = arouns 400 mA

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It is important to note that this product is not waterproof and humid conditions should be avoided.

If you find that a device is not charging when you are trying to charge two devices at the same time you try to disconnect the other device. The charging current may simply be too low to charge 2 devices at the same at that particular time.

For optimal performance the product needs direct sunlight.

Double Port Solar Charger Technical Details 

Solar Panel 7V / 3W portable-solar-charger-double-port

Built in voltage regulator

USB Output 2 x 5V /400 mA max

Panel Dimensions 210mm (width) x 125 (height) x 10mm (depth)




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