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Led Headlight

Our LED Headlight from Powerplus (also known as the BAT) allows you to enjoy the freedom of a mobile light everywhere you go. This versatile product comes with a free multifunctional bicycle clip meaning it can double up as a bicycle light.

This 3 LED Headlight fits comfortably on to an industrial grade headband. The flashlight angle can be easily adjusted to give you visibility in any position.
The flashlight has 3 functions:
• Saving mode 1 LED
• Powermode 3 LEDs
• Flashing mode 3 LEDs

Lightweight, versatile and comfortable to wear this 3 LED Headlight is a fantastic hands-free accessory to help you install your Chimney Balloon in your chimney flue.

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Technical Information for the LED Headlight

Item Parameter Unit
Maximum Brightness
3 LED 50.000 MCD
3 LED 6 LM
LED Lifetime
3 LED 50.000 Hour
Shine TimeAfter 1 Minute winding
3 LED 40 Minute
1 LED 90 Minute
Flashing Time 90 Minute
Flashing Frequency 2 Hz

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