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  • chimney-balloon-inflation-tube-1314575985-jpg

    Chimney Balloons

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    Chimney Balloons Chimney Balloon (plus inflation tube) Chimney Balloons are installed in the flue of rarely or unused firep...

  • insulating-window-film-1409248766-jpg

    Insulating Window Film

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    Insulating Glazing Film for Windows The window glazing film from Irish company Exitex is know as draught seal and is the mos...

  • eco-panel-heater-1359762715-jpg

    Eco Panel Heater

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    Eco Panel Heater These slimline plug in Eco Panel heaters provide you with fantastic efficient energy saving heating at a fr...

  • radiator-booster-1429116304-jpg

    Radiator Booster

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    Radiator Booster (New Turbo Logic Model)   The Radiator Booster turbo logic is a simple low energy plug in device wh...

  • radfan-1380655150-jpg


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    Radfan - Radiator Fan, Warm Up Your Room Faster   The Radfan is designed to redirect the warm air your central hea...

  • water-saving-showerhead-1396915930-jpg

    Water Saving Showerhead

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    Water Saving Hose Shower Head   This slim-line and elegant water saving shower head is made from top quality chrome ...

  • chimney-cleaning-kit-1422279598-jpg

    Chimney Cleaning Kit

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    De Vielle 9 Piece Chimney Cleaning Kit   Cleaning your chimney ensures that your fire will burn hotter and cleaner a...

  • grate-saver-1442924709-jpg

    Grate Saver

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    Olympic Grate Plate Many fire grates on the market these days tend to be made from brittle pig iron. Typically they retail a...

  • instant-hot-water-tap-1365331962-jpg

    Instant Hot Water Tap

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    Instant Electric Hot Water Tap The Instant Electric Hot Water Tap (the EHT10) is designed especially for kitchen sinks and h...

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