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  • Water Saving Showerhead

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    Water Saving Hose Shower Head   This slim-line and elegant water saving shower head is made from top quality chrome and boosts an impressive 78 jet nozzles.   When fitted this wate...

  • Ecocamel Aerated Hose Shower Head


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    Ecocamel Aerated Hose Shower Head Save energy and water whilst enjoying an invigorating spa shower experience with the all new Ecocamel Jetstorm water saving shower head.   We now sell a G...

  • Kelly Outdoor Kettle Kits

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    Kelly Kettle Kit   The Kelly Kettle Kits invented in Co Mayo are a wonderful accessory for campers, family picnics, fishermen, scouts or indeed anyone who works outdoors.   With th...

  • Motion Sensor Night Light

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    Motion Sensor Night Light   This new PIR motion sensor night light ¬†from Ecozone has a modern elegant design and provides a soothing amber glow when light is emitting.   A standar...

  • Solar Radio

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    Solar and Wind Up Radio Designed by Powerplus this multi-purpose radio is powered either through daylight, by cranking, or through USB. Also known as the Panther this is not only a radio! In fact ...

  • Tank Lock

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    Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock This cleverly designed locking device incorporating magnetic technology is the most effective way to secure your oil supply against theft as it is and is almost impossible to...

  • Eco Kettle White

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    Eco Kettle White Fancy a cuppa faster whilst saving on your energy bills. It is simple with an Eco Kettle. The White Eco Kettle is the most cost effective in the range. It is estimated that we boi...

  • Underdoor Draught Excluder

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    Underdoor Foam Draught Excluder¬†   This door draught excluder from Irish company Exitex will help to prevent draughts and get the heat in your home.   Installing this cost effecti...

  • Self Adhesive Insulation Foam

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    Self Adhesive Insulation Foam   This self adhesive foam from Irish company Exitex comes on a 5 meter roll and is suitable to fill gaps on seals and insulates all windows and doors.   ...

Displaying 1 - 9 of 220123456

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